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Cupramontana (AN)

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Azienda Agricola Vallerosa Bonci

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Our history

Cupramontana rises from the very heart of the Marche Region, on one of the sun-kissed green hills lining the right-hand bank of the Esino river. This is the ancient and noble homeland of Verdicchio. It is also the site where four generations ago the Bonci family started their production and sale of wines. It all began with Domenico Bonci, in the first few years of the last century. As well as developing his own production through an accurate selection of producers and associated products carried out employing the wisdom of a true connoisseur, his vision also extended to reserving the best batches for the many transalpine visitors who displayed an interest in these fruits of the earth processed by such fine craftsmanship.

Our territory





Bonci's Grand Crus take their names from the quarters of Cupramontana which are home to its twenty-six hectares of vineyards. San Michele is obtained from land in an area bearing the same name, the most ancient and one especially associated to Verdicchio. Viatorre derives from a vineyard located in the Torre area, where the winery also resides. Here the earth displays a medium texture and gives birth to a fresh and floral glass. Manciano features a greater clay content streaked with sand and looks to the east, giving a floral Cru with soupcons of aniseed and sage. Pietrone, with its stunning golden yellow hue represents the namesake of the area it comes from.

Soils and different exposures give rise to different forms of the native grape variety Verdicchio

La Vendemmia

da sempre un momento magico, di raccolta, di profumi, di voci...

The Vallerosa Bonci Farm currently owns thirty hectares of land, twenty-six of which devoted to vineyards specifically dedicated to the production of the Protected  Designation of Origin Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico. The vineyards are located at an average altitude of 450 metres above sea level, in the quarters most consecrated to excellence: San Michele, Manciano, Torre, Carpaneto, Alvareto and Pietrone. The specific micro-climate, the grape selection process and the long-established traditional wisdom of wine-making now espousing the most up-to-date protocols all concur to place the Vallerosa Bonci Winery at the forefront in the production of wine and sparkling wine.

The harvest

The harvest is a time for gathering, a window on tradition and culture, but also a time for celebration. For the Vallerosa Bonci Winery it is still a time made of people, hands, voices and fragrances rather than machines. The harvest is the fruit of work, expectation, gestures and care extending over time. The grapes are processed in stages – pigeage, de-stemming and filtering are carried out in line with the most exclusive methods and with the aid of modern technology – coupled with the wisdom of tradition and knowledge passed down from father to son. The transfer of grapes from the crate to the pigeage vessels still takes place manually, so they reach the press whole and not squashed. The art of white vinification resides in the ability to extract all the quality potential from the grapes.


P.IVA 00439430422